Imus and University Nightmares

Posted: April 16, 2007 in Reflections

Ok, back to blogging on the live space. So, Don Imus got fired, for racist remarks of the Rutger’s Basketball Team. Correction: Female Basketball Team that had black players. What did Don say, nappy headed ho’s? Does he know what a hoe is? A hoe is defined as a farming tool that is use to  dig or in this case make new rows of dirt for gardening. That is what a hoe is. The hoe that Don Imus referred to was to a female team that had black players. For some reason, I’m glad Don Imus got fired. Because that what teaches us in case we go too far over the edge. Now here is what I get mixed up. First we talk about Don Imus getting fired for what he said, and we also talk about rappers using the h-word. How did that happen? Look we need to focus on Don Imus and what he said for so long, not the rappers. Talk about the rappers later. Let’s not loose sight.
When is the time to get Universities safe? I know that it has been implemented, but after what happen to Virginia Tech, this was crazy. They are calling it the worst gun shooting of it’s kind in U.S. History. Why did this happen on tax day? In the same month where Litteton, Colorado was ravaged by the Trenchcoat Mafia, Timothy McVeigh bombs the Murrah Building. Guess what? All happened in the month of April. Now we must add VT to the mix of the school shootings and when you expect or expected to go off to college, and have a good time, that is what you unexpect mostly. VT wil heal from this, but not quickly. 

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