What did I miss between March 15th and April 3?

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Reflections

Whoa! I kind of missed some things in between. But that’s OK, we have our reasons. More importantly, it’s time to get back to do things as before, moving forward. But in review, I want to go back some steps:

The Week of March 15th:

St. Patricks Day in was dressing in my Favre Packer Jersey. It was green, of course and well, I attended a gathering, in which was the primary focus to help my church. That wasn’t so bad. 

The Week of March 22nd:

This was also the time that I had to see my grandfather. He was on the verge of death, and he wanted to see his grandchildren, including me. I told him that I have never forgotten about him.

The Week of March 29th:
The only thing that can be said is the fact that my grandfather found eternal peace. March 26th 2007 will always be the day that we will reflect and review his final hours.

The Week of April 1st:
This was a week of reclaiming heritage, honoring those who blazed paths, and Wrestlemania! First, there is nothing wrong of reclaiming or rededicating to a cause that is important to you. I don’t care if you go back to the church where you once loved and claim victory, or going back to a city that once "turned it’s back on you" to attempt to claim new standards. Actually, it’s about giving back. Whether you like it or not, it is a choice, and we must remember the reasons why that choice was made. Right now, my grandfather is enjoying his early birthday present, a place in heaven. I reflected and reviewed my times with him, most of the time I remembered was him giving me some money, and those store stories. But other than that, I was around him and I hope that the next generation of McClintons, Juniors, Jouragins, and others would learn from him by not just a family member, but a figure in this world. He is at rest now, but this is not just a goodbye. It is more of a I’ll see you when I see you type thing, and it’s time to move family FORWARD! Long live and all hail Grandpa McClinton! – take your rest Grandpa, you’ve earned it!

Also Eddie Robinson has a place in heaven. The man who paved way for black athletes to play football from Grambling to the NFL. His credibility goes to players like Doug Williams, Willie Davis, the late Ernie Ladd, and others that have been tutored by this great coach. May his creditability be widely known and shared with the world of his struggles and triumphs on football and in life. What about WrestleMania 23? Most of my picks to win did actually come true: Undertaker, winning the world title and remaining undefeated. Mr. Kennedy winning the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Donald Trump and Bobby Lashley showed the world that Mr. McMahon can be bald, and others like Chris Benoit, the ECW Originals and Melina all won at the big show. Now, I picked Shawn Michaels to win the WWE Championship over John Cena, but the champ is still there. This also marks the first time I think that a WWE Champion won back to back WrestleManias with the WWE Championship, and yes he was booed! And I picked Kane to beat Khali, he lost. So my WrestleMania score card for this year was 7-2. And for the second time, I have rocked my vote, absentee style!


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