Ten years after Biggie

Posted: March 12, 2007 in Reflections

On March 9th, 1997 I was leaving for church when I turned on the TV. I was watching fox news and there was a short news report about Biggie Smalls, or the Notorious B.I.G. It was reported that he was shot to death at age 24. His murder happened after 6 months of 2Pac’s murder. For 10 years, his mother, and others who were in Biggie’s life, have fought to push the envelope of trying to figure out who killed him. The Los Angeles Police Department, in Voletta Wallace’s view is hiding something that is important in the link of her son’s murder.  Yes, biggie has been gone from us for a decade, but the spirit is in today’s music. That’s what’s strange about hip hop, you hear something new and old now a days, but some people think that the artform that progressed the start has passed on. If Biggie, 2pac were around right now, I think the parallel differences would elevate the game even more. That would probably mean that you would have to go through them in order to be on top of the mountain. That’s my opinion. Normally, with Biggie you just simply just bop your head to the beat, and get Hypnotized. Biggie to me, was one of those rappers that was transforming the game on the East Coast. I may not been born in Brooklyn, reped the NYC, or showing my loyalty to the East Coast. But what I do respect is the fact that he was here, and now another decade comes to make sure that the story can be told even  more. Biggie’s still here, even though he was expired.

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