Marshall Campus?

Posted: March 12, 2007 in Reflections

The once school I called home, has got a name change. John Marshall High School, a school that I called the "eagles nest" is now called John Marshall Campus. That’s right, Campus. What the (bleep) happened?! Marshall Campus?! This is so unreal. Ok. Let me calm down a bit. Relax. Pray. And now write. Downsizing. I remember why this is. Back in October, around the same time when Marshall’s band was eliminated, there was talks about downsizing the school. Now Marshall is being in my terms "watered down" to three mini schools that is currently, well being transformed: W.E.B. DuBois High School, Milwaukee Academy of Aviation, Science, and Technology, and Montessori Baccacrate High School. To me, the breakdown of Marshall is a bit sad. It is sad to me that I think the students who attend there now may not get the chance of being in a "High School". You know where you roamed around, hanged out, get involved in various activites, and maybe transgressing into more productive learning. That what a "High School" means to me. High opportunities that would get you into the game of  college, job opportunities, community service, and having the dignity to showcase your talents in and out of the classroom. Am I upset that Marshall would not keep this going, I am. But like every christian or person of faith, I will pray for Marshall. I will pray that Marshall would one day, and this Class of 95 member means, ONE DAY! that Marshall would return to the opportunitic school that it once was. I may not be happy with the changes that MPS has gobbled up over the years with the "mini high schools", to me that worth crap of admission. What would the alumni have to say about this? I would degest that every grad who was "loyal" and respected by opportunity with Marshall, would probably shaking their heads and asking why? Kenya Evans, is not the only one. I am not either. There many would probably feel the same way. So as a Marshall Alumus, I will remember the days as a Marshall High School Student, not Campus Student. Also I will forever stay true the red, columbia blue, and eagle. And 1995.

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