Since when I hear somethings that are completely well, strange? Think about it, when things occur doesn’t it have an effect on us by saying “are they for real?” Like, this past week, there was a story that Rev. Al Sharpton has something in common with the late Sen. Strom Thurmond. In the early historical archives, one of Rev. Al’s relatives, Coleman Sharpton, great-grandfather was owned by Julia Thurmond, the late senator’s relative. How could this be possible? I mean Rev. Al Sharpton has a “slave link” with Strom Thurmond? That is hard to be true. Now Rev. Al is planning to take a DNA test to see if the prophecy is true, about him having a “slave link” with the late senator’s family. This is strange, but how?

This is story that is not strange, but true. This past Sunday, the words Black and History have gotten more significant with the Oscars. Big ups to Jennifer Hudson, who won the Oscar for her Supporting Role in Dreamgirls. I didn’t see the movie during the holidays, but I heard that it got rave reviews, despite some critics’ opinions. Also, Forrest Whittaker, took the Oscar for Best Actor of “The Last King of Scotland”. His speech of his acceptance was very moving, and it collected his thoughts of how he got his way up from his upbringing. Other than that, it was a night of great expectations, such as The Departed getting the movie of the year. But earlier in the night, I felt bad for Eddie Murphy and Will Smith not getting an Oscar, but I had to reflect on what Coach Tony Dungy said to Lovie Smith after the SuperBowl: “Your Championship is Coming.” This I would say to Eddie, Will and any other overlooked black actor or actress that is continuing to wait in the wings.

The spirit of Bo Black is still in Milwaukee. She is still recovering from her brain aneurysm in which had effected for sometime. But her faith and spirit has enabled her to come out of her condition and live more. You know, despite of her critics who slammed her as a dumb blond chick, she stood out her leadership ethics. I never had a chance to meet the 1967 Playboy Bunny (although that never bothered me) but I worked at Summerfest for 2 years (1999-2000) and they were under her era. To me Summerfest has not been the same, despite of trying to get things done for the city such as concerts, etc. Although it has been 4 years since Bo’s departure, her spirit is in every person that has came to her in another way. So I think that Summerfest this year should dedicate it’s 11 day festival and 40th Anniversary to Bo and her accomplishments with the company.

So, I think this would probably be the sealing end to the second month of the year and hopefully March will spring up new opportunites and expectations for us to explore.


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