What the …..

Posted: February 25, 2007 in Reflections

Death of a playmate: Anna Nicole Smith passes at 39. Yeah, I know. This chick was on top of the world with Playboy and all, then the Trim-Spa ads, and others. What is the deal? Well, to me it seems that drama could have played a part in her death. Secret marriages, her 20 year old son died, another baby, and the change in attitude in her speech.

Guess who’s back: Steven Avery goes back to trial of a murder that took place some years ago.

State of City and State Address: Mayor Tom Barrett wants more Job Creation in Milwaukee. Well it’s about time! Finally, after all the fizz and vinegar some people think Milwaukee has a chance of creating and getting jobs in the city. Others like Scott Walker don’t think so. When you think about the 58% African Americans unemployed this could be a sign of things to come to redevelop and hopefully re-bapitze the brew city. For the State, Gov. Jim Doyle wants to Grow Milwaukee, by stopping crime, add cops, lower taxes and create jobs. – Finally the folks are starting to listen! Thank God!

Death of an extremist: This is sad. Former ECW wrestler Mike Awesome died at age 42. What is the deal of former wrestlers dying before age 50? I said this last year, but when God calls your number, that’s it. But my Mike Awesome segment was not his 70’s gimmick, but at the first ECW One Night Stand against Masato Tanaka, to me that match ruled in an extreme fashion.

The Presidential Campaign watch. Barack Obama is in the house. Well, the presidential race and maybe his enthusiasm would shake up the race to be a worthy contender for the democrats. And a dark horse for challengers of Hillary, Rudy and others.

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