More Mall Problems

Posted: February 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

Can Mayfair Mall just get it together? Check this, a 34 year old man (white) was charged by using his cell phone camera to take a picture of a woman in a stall in a restroom. Another man, who was 28 harassed female employees in a Victoria Secret store, and a 24-year-old was in a road rage by ramming his vehicle against another driver’s vehicle. All this while, why has the boom has been heavliy dragged against teens instead of so-called grown folks who pull this B.S. in a public mall? Going back to the teens, it seems to be that when some folks are at the mall, they fear and keep cautious of blacks. You know what, when I go to Wal-mart, or any other store, I’m cautious of everyone! I don’t care if they are black, white, latino, asian, or mixed, or whomever. Some folks act crazy, some don’t. All in all, it is all about common sense in public. Just check yourself before leaving your home. I hope and pray that Mayfair can heal from this. I’ll try to shop at Mayfair again, but only if I feel like it.


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