Trojan Horse? I don’t think so

Posted: February 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

Mayor Tom Barrett’s ideal of adding a new transit system for Downtown Milwaukee would be a positive idea for a lot of reasons. I think should also include any thoughts of creating jobs with this project? Not just carrying to workers to jobs but maybe adding jobs to the streetcars. I don’t know about the value of it would bring, but I think this should start a new beginning of erasing bad vibes of Transit Cuts and Routes. Why is Scott Walker so uptight against this idea? Does he think that it would not work? Look at it this way, Milwaukee, I think needs some enlightment on this project. You have bus cuts in which for 7 years that has kept most folks trapped from going to school, work and etc. You also have route fares increase several times over the years, and that too has kept some in the dark. Do you mean to tell me that the Milwaukee County Transit System should die? I hope not. I just hope that with the streetcars and buses, Milwaukee must get something going, and maybe Mayor Barrett and C.E. Scott Walker could put aside their differences and get the city and county of Milwaukee going with public transportation. Now, If I had 91.5 Million dollars, instead of me just lying it around City Hall, I would do something with it! Also with the new transit project, add some jobs! Like engineering(in all areas), drafting, design, printing, enhance presentations, etc. Those who don’t have the skills to make the cars, encourage them to apply for other types of jobs in this project. This project could be the one thing that could get Milwaukee going in transit and employment. Think about it!


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