Valentines Day is not my day

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Holidays

Valentine’s Day is usually the day that most people buy gifts for their loved ones to show much how they care about one another.  Does that occur like everyday? People use the 14th Day as an excuse to show careness of an individual. What is my beef of Valentine’s Day? Well, I’m still single of course, and yes valentines is just another day in my neighborhood. I don’t have a significant other, a special someone if you will, and I had not got into a relationship. True story. Who’s to blame, some of the females from High School? My family? My Church? or those whom don’t give a darn. You know, I feel like the 1999 Wisconsin Badgers Football Team when they were labeled as "the worst team in the rose bowl." Well, who won the rose bowl that year? That’s Right, Wisconsin. Beating UCLA. And Ron Dayne was the MVP. The Red/White crew stood up to the haters of the critics that doubted them. Even Ron Dayne stood up to them, and winning the Heisman that season. What does that story have to do with me? Well, maybe if I play my cards, get out in the open, with women trying to swoon down on my kingdom like dragons, do I let them in, or defend my castle? The answer could be defending my castle, why because I like to defend and protect what is valuable. I know I’m single and unlike those who are desperate, I’m not. I may hate saying this, but I think one of the dragons may not attack my castle, but dwell in it.  But getting back, usually I spend V-Day as just an ordinary day by either working/chilling. That’s it.  And those whom don’t like it, T.S. I mean it’s cool though, and I don’t let the V-Day Mystique bother me.
Happy Valentine’s Day – if you like it.

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