Good Vibes, Bad Vibrations

Posted: January 30, 2007 in Reflections

This past week was kind of a mix of concerns, historical makings, and shocking deaths. First, the state of the union was up this past week and President Bush exemplified of sending at least 20,000 troops to Iraq by the summer. Most were concerned about this because some feel that the funding should be funded here in the U.S. What do I think about this? we are in a long haul in order to win the war on terror, and I mean a long haul! I’m all for peace like the next man, but seriously it is time to be the true American country before 9/11.  What about the takeover with Midwest Airlnes/AirTran? Midwest shoud stay true without them.  Should Ald. Michael McGee be recalled? Let the voters decide.

For historical makings, the 41st Anniversary of the Super Bowl will be coached by Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. Both are African American and this is the first time that the big dance in NFL is doing this. Both coaches will bring their A-Games to Miami and we’ll see which coach will walk out the Lombardi. BTW- I remember cheering for the Packers 10 years ago when they beat New England. In addition to Politics, Some key figures of Hillary, Barack, Rudy and others are gearing up early for next year’s election, and based on the sides, this would be an interesting campaign. One thing for sure, this would hope to heal America.

Shocking deaths continue to plague the wrestling world. Remember Bam Bam Bigelow? I do. The wrestler who had a tattoo on his head, an wresting star in the WWE, WCW and ECW, and made himself a national headline to challenge Lawernce Taylor at Wrestlemania XI? Yeah, him. At 45, he left us. You know, when I think about the wrestling superstars that has died under age 50, what is this? I can reflect on the impact that Eddie Guerrero, Miss Elizabeth, Road Warrior Hawk and others died in their late 30’s and mid 40’s, and left a great legacy for us to review, critique, and learn from. It also teaches us that life can be short, and we must take each day thoughtfully. Tomorrow is not promised.


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