It is something to sink in….

Posted: January 15, 2007 in Reflections

I kept having thoughts about working. No really, working. Working for a major company, in a major city in the midwest. I have doing some research about cities like Chicago, Minneapolis have something in common with UW Graduates. Let say you graduated from one of the best schools in the state, and get "drafted" by a major player in a major city. No doubt the major players could be IBM, UPS, Boeing, or the Federal Government.

The UW Grads take a look at this and say this is interesting, or I’ll check it out. After weighing in the outlook between jobs of Milwaukee and Illinois/Minnesota,  it clearly cuts the mold that right now, Milwaukee is not in the top ten. The brew city must have a "employment makeover" seriously. Last year, during the Govenor’s campaign, former challenger Mark Green mentioned that "UW-Graduates are going to Illinois and Minnesota. Not because they want to because they have to. High taxes are driving away good paying jobs." Maybe that’s why Honda, Google, and Menards are not either coming or expanding. And Harley-Davidson, will not seek expansion, althought it was "Milwaukee Born".

As a UW-Grad myself, I see this as a concern. Simply because I am still in that "entry-level seeking mode", and I am also having a thought that no matter how hard I seek, I may not get the job I want. Not just because I’m African American, it maybe because of the job outlook in Milwaukee, or the experience factor. It has been 8 months since my commencement and maybe I am adding out-of-state jobs to my tenative list of interests. If I decide to leave Milwaukee, and relocate to suburban Chicago for a Industrial Engineering job,  or the Twin Cities for a Graphics Job,I will have to think back to my post speech in the church where I said "I don’t know where it is, or when it is, but I’ll do it" That statement would probably haunt me because you’ll never know. Even if it might come in a giving time, or an unexpected moment of anticipation. And there is nothing that the Mayor, Govenor, Aldermen, County Executive or specific leader can do about it. The decision rests with me, not them, nor my family, although I’m single. But Lord knows that the suburbs of Milwaukee may have something that I could add two and two together and see what happens.  So, even though, it has it limits, I’ll continue to look for local work, but if it does’nt work, I may go national.


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