What could or should be done in 2007?

Posted: January 1, 2007 in Holidays

Here it is. The champagne and corkers have been popped. Those who have significant others have kissed, the ball in NYC has been dropped, Dick Clark officated his show, and the rest, well has ushered 2007. Welcome to the 2K7! What will 2K7 bring that 2006 didn’t? This year is just young, and I am writing my first blog for the year. Just recently, I was writing my final blog of 2006, which was my "summary" of the good, bad and ugly.

My Resolutions:

1) Must have a steady, workable, paying job. It must circle with my skills, education (I mean this!) and ability with unions. (Maybe)

2) Continue to give back. This is important because the more you give than you receive. Quite True!

3) Reflect on the old, and apply to the new. I know that the 06 has passed, but lessons learned can be useful for the 07. Such as finding new way to seek employment, new doctors, and financial wealth!

4) Be there for family. Whether I like it or not, family is important, even if you’re single. Go to Family Reunions, or picnics. If you see your family at home or at church, go there too!

5) Do what ever it takes to share. If it involves helping a former classmate, clergymen, or etc, use the time wisely to assist others, out of your agendas.

6) Push forward to new heights. If education is another run, take it, don’t let others do it for you.

7) Have fun! – Gotta do some time.

8) Be productive

9) Be more creative

10) All others, either maintain or change up.

Bill Maher has "New Rules". I have new thoughts in which that in some years, I was a little more intimdated, sometimes cranky,  and somewhat was fooled what other folks said, and done.

New Thought – No more quotes that have the phrase "King of the pole". Since when yours truly became royalty. Like everyone else, I worked my way up not by silver plater. Hey, maybe I didn’t worked to be the King of England, but I ain’t no king of anything!

New Thought – No more accidents, or penalties! Either on the job, on the road or in the glimpse in the family avoid accidents at all costs!

New Thought – No more profanity in churches. There should be a new Commandment in churches stating "Thou shall not curse in thy sanctuaries".

New Thought – Follow your stories, your heart, and goals. Do not let anyone steal your dreams. Protect them.

New Thought – Defend your freedoms, rights, privileges, and individualities!



There it is. And now , I have three words for ya:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…………………

Happy New Year!




And now, a new mission begins.


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