Finally, December has comeback to my life!

Posted: December 2, 2006 in Reflections

Can you feel the chill in the air? Are the christmas lights displayed? is your church or business decorated with trees or ornaments, or maybe with baby Jesus? Will there be christmas carols door to door? How would my b-day and x-mas be connected with holiday jobs? What about the gifts, what can I get this year? More money, clothes or a plasma tv? But hey, it’s December! The last month of the year, or in this case, the party month of the year, and yours truly will be apart of the celebration! On December 5th, 1976 there was a boy born 12:10am  in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 30 years after the man will be reviewed and celebrated offically in the city of Milwaukee. Wait, that’s me! So, believe it or not, my age will be the same as Ahman Green’s Jersey, or a Speed limit, or three X’s of roman numerals: the number 30. No one really knows what will become of me in my third decade. Will I go back to school, join the military, or move out of Milwaukee, only time will tell!

My parents also have a celebration in December. The 20th will mark their 37th Anny as a couple, and my cousins Tawanna and Earl will be celebrated 2 years of marriage on the 11th.


The week of 18th in December will mark 20 years of my grandmother’s death. Carrie McClinton died when I only in the fourth grade. Yes, it has been 20 years but I think about her every day.


The 24th  and 25th, we know. Christmas Eve and Day. The two most dominate dates in the 12th month What will be crystal clear than that? Just remember that Jesus was born, and Santa will be busy, I guess.

Finally the year of 2006 will end on a Sunday. In between, there will be reflection on how the ’06 has brought us. December 31st will be a day of getting ready to usher in the 07, and it will involve resolutions galore. Hopefully my resolutions would involve jobs, income and something else with my B.S. Degree.


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