Should the Draft come back?

Posted: November 20, 2006 in News and politics

Congressman Charles Rengal wants to add something manadtory to the U.S. Military. He would like to resurrect the military conscription in order to bring in more recruits for the Armed Forces. What is the Military Conscription? It’s nickname is commonly called, "the Draft".  This method was used up to the Vietnam War to get young men into the Military. If they didn’t followed through, they would eventually go to jail. I think the baby boomers know about this very well, and now the gen-x and y crowd are examing this. In years past, Congressman Rengal wanted to bring back the draft so badly, that it would support and speed up the process of recruiting.  Personally, I like the all-volunteer thing because this would give individuals a choice to sign up or not. I have family members asking me if I were to enlist in the military so many times. There was "defensive" talk about this 6 years ago that I should do this. Right now, I just don’t know, at age 29 pushing 30. I said this many times, I respect the men and women who are wearing the uniform and defending freedom everyday.  Even I have a younger cousin who is doing this! But getting back to me, if I were to join up with the armed forces, I know I would give up my braids and late night sleeping. And my time at work. And my time with family and friends all because of defending the country. Plus my college loans would be a myth because of their bonus and enlistment options. I know that the military is all-volunteer, but I think resurrecting the draft would be a bit too much.


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