Novembers to Remember 2.0

Posted: November 17, 2006 in Reflections

The 11th month of the year is here. One more month it will be December, my birthday (xXx), christmas and the end of 2006. But before I get to December, November is standing in the way. By now, like last year, the Halloween decorations are put away in boxed for another year and now it is time to shift to more of the turkeys, veterans, voting, black friday, and that’s it?
First, November 7th is coming up, Election Day. You know the day that every American has that right to express to vote? Like many americans, I too will be voting this day, or maybe the day before via absentee. I will not be like the other idiotic folks who will sit at home and not vote. Lots of folks are complaining stating that "I’m not voting" is going to get them somewhere. WRONG! If you don’t vote, you don’t count! So, November 7th should be one of the easiest day for those who are 18 and up by casting a ballot and voting for the candidate of their choosing, or issue concerning Marriage, Death Penalty, and the War in Iraq.  Just remember that we as a people have this power. If you don’t see anything right in this country, just vote to try to make it right.
November 11th, 2006. Veteran’s Day. Last year, my church had it’s first Veteran’s Day celebration. Yes, that’s right. It’s first. This year would be more different because now we are recognizing the Veterans whom have passed on. Oh, and there are Veteran’s Day Card in stores now! So now, give the Vets the mad respect they deserve and thank them for their service. Either they are our friends, family members, clergymen, educators, classmates or people from around the way.
November 22-24, 2006: Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what we are thankful. Churches will have thanksgiving eve services, the day will have Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NFL Football (with Throwback Jerseys), and the actual thanksgiving dinner itself. Yes there will be prayers, food, drinks and tv. And maybe sneak off to a dance to trim those unwanted pounds. The day after will be known as Black Friday, or in this case, the start of the Christmas Season. This is when the Christmas Trees, Advent Nativity Scenes, Presents, and Holiday Jobs will be in effect. Not to mention, the early rush to the stores. For me, I’ll deck the halls, then buy the gifts.
Also, November means Survivor Series and Cyber Sunday. The events both have significant ties to the 11th Month. Survivor Series started out this month as a Thanksgiving Eve Tradition and now it is a sunday night profit. The Undertaker made his Survivor Series debut since 1990, and he is still around today. Some of my favorite "Taker Moments" came around 1991 when he beat Hulk Hogan for the title, 1992 had a debut of a Casket Match and who was the victim? Ask Kamala. 1993’s Series was in Boston in the hallowed Boston Garden in which the Deadman was a last minute replacement for the All-American Team. Even though he and the late Yokozuna were counted out, the Deadman made a team effort to surpass the Foriegn Fanatics. 1994, another casket match, but this time Chuck Norris was troubleshooting the match in which the Deadman won in San Antonio. 1995: Washington DC, the Dark Side beat the Royals 4-0. 1996 was a dismal year for the Taker, but in Madison Square Garden, he defeated Mankind, but still had a unfinished business vendetta with Paul Bearer. Now the Survivor Series Traditional Matches have been announced on the website with a mixtures of RAW, Smackdown and ECW superstars. This should be very interesting when the event takes place in Phildelphia on the 26th. Cyber Sunday was one of the most hyped, and "wired" events for the WWE. Formally called Taboo Tuesday, Cyber Sunday was all about what the fans wanted to see in the matches. 14.6 million votes were casted in, and the WWE is still static from it.
Overall, like many years past,  November is a genarating month for the Christmas Holiday. Right now it is in a state of preleminary, but like wise, it will grow.

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