Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft for the Video Game Crown!

Posted: November 17, 2006 in Games


It seems that competiton among the three biggest game consoles would never get old. This year you have three selection but one choice to get for your gamer this christmas season, or after christmas if you play your cards right.

Lets start with the obvious: Nintendo. For years, Nintendo has been the standard bearer of when it comes to video game play. Seems like last decade that Nintendo was on the ropes when Sega Genesis was banging on the door at Nintendo with the 16-bit and then 32-bit graphics, also the emergence of the Game Gear which was in color while the original game boy has the green effect. Plus Nintendo had the NES, SNES, N64 also. (I can remember taking it to church as a teen!) But anyway, now since the Gamecube is about to take the dirtnap, there’s the Wii, the Nintendo console with the remotes that can recognize movement while playing games. Also you could still use the handheld version also. Plus, I also researched that you could download games from the past, and still play Gamecube games. Overall, I don’t know that Nintendo would be able to handle the now more gory, graphical crowd over 25, but the style of gameplay would get the duke. Plus it is $250.00


Sony Playstation 3: Let’s see, you have a 60GB system that cost about $600.00 and I bet the graphic are cool right? Was it worth to stand or sit outside of a store to wait for one? Lucky I was not one of those individuals!  I heard that the PS3 should be a step up from the PS2 and I know that the games should be compatible with a dvd selection, and also the graphics are over the top. No Doubt. I tried it out at a local wal-mart here in Milwaukee, and I must say it is not bad. Even though it is $600.00, but it is a good system.


Microsoft Xbox 360: This game system is currently out and already making an impact among gamers. It still has a presence of purchasing, but the thing is now,  I think the Xbox is facing a challenge. I know that this product is owned by Microsoft and bet that it is making a huge amount of cash around $300.00 to $400.00 per set.


Now, ladies and gentelmen of the jury. Which system would you buy in this three way dance, the Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360?


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