Hallowed Memories v2.0

Posted: October 31, 2006 in Reflections

Hallowed Memories v2.0

So "the path to Halloween" is comes to this. The end of October. Last year, I "dug up" more memories from my past about the events, shows, and others that I have remembered. With that being said, I have some more memories that I chose to "resurect from the grave", and stir something in my cauldron! More or less, it was reving my inner frankenstein without the use of Igor!
October 31, 1994: At this time, I was (once again) a student at Marshall in which, the same day I was watching Monday Night Raw. Also that same night, the Green Bay Packers were facing the Chicago Bears. In 1994, the NFL celebrated its 75th Anniversary, and the teams were donning throwback jerseys from years past. The packers malled the then weak bears 33-6 on a raining, wet Soilder Field that night. The very same night that Bears legends Dick Butkus and Gayle Sayers were inducted into the Bears’ Hall of Fame. Also it also marked an  anniversary of the death of George Halas. This game I believe was the start of something new for the Packers in terms of the run to the NFC Central, playoffs, and a potential Superbowl Championship.
October, 2002: WWE Smackdown was still on Thursday Nights and was hosting a Halloween Party, and Stephanie McMahon was the GM. At the time, the WWE decided to do a brand extension between RAW and Smackdown! This also marked the year that John Cena made his debut(before the Chain Gang), and his rhyme skills began to formulate into the superstar that he is currently today.
October 27, 1991: WCW had a Pay Per View called Halloween Havoc. On this day WCW had its first and last "Chamber of Horrors" match. The match had two teams led by Sting and Cactus Jack. In addition to the match it was set up with a flip switch that was supposed to electricute the competitor in an electric chair (that’s right I said it!) and Zombie orderlies at ring side. The victim unfortunately was Abdullah the Butcher who fell into the complex trap of the electric chair as he was fried. This match was undoubtly one of the spookiest matches in Wrestling history. This was long before a hell in a cell, elmination chamber, and even a casket match came along.
October 1st, 1992: Michael Jackson is well known around this month for Thriller. But this was one of his best concerts in music history. I’m talking about the Live in Bucharest Concert: The Dangerous Tour. Michael performed his best songs of concert including an on stage version of Thriller, his monster hit. In front of a well loved German crowd, which was pumped, Michael was I think the climax when the on stage ghouls doing the thriller bogaloo dances, along with the fake skeletons. Michael did do some changing in the skit in which he donned his werewolf mask (which scared the bejesus out of me from the video), and performed a little magic for the concert goers.
October 31, 2002: I saw a full moon, on Halloween Night! No I did not turn into werewolf, but it was cool to see a full moon on the strange holiday though.
October 31, 2006: ECW went extreme on halloween, which was broadcasted from the BC here in the brew. Trinity won the first Extreme Costume Contest, The Great Khali and Daivari rolled into ECW, the Big Show and Test defeated RVD and Hardcore Holly, thanks to Paul Heyman in a gorilla suit. Jerry Springer had his Halloween Special in which involved those in costume revealing cheating ways, and Maury had his special in which some of the women turned to out to be men, or the same.
October 28th, 1984:  Now I know what your thinking, what was he thinking about 1984? Simple. Knight Rider had a show entitled "Halloween Knight". Fitting title eh? Well, the show was more tricks than treats in which Michael Knight had to figure out a mystery of hallucinations and facts of illusions.
October 1996: Jaime Foxx had a show in which it had him dressing up as a cowboy mixed with an ostrich, in which was pitting him in order to get to Fancy.
Now, last year I mentioned that not everyone likes Halloween. That can be debateable. Simply because some believe that it is all evil and not fun. Did we survive 06-06-06? or Friday the 13th? We all have days that we are not going to like, I know that. But what I am saying is this, if you don’t like the holiday, don’t celebrate it! If you do, well don the costumes, watch the horror movies, embrace the headless horseman, or the horseman of apocolyse. Matter of fact, have a real halloween party! This is my cauldron talking here! Like it or not, Halloween is the number 2 holiday, a runner up to christmas.
Happy Halloween!

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