300 Million and Running; other news I cannot believe

Posted: October 20, 2006 in Reflections

The US now has 300 Million Americans living right now. Dang, I know that America is a large country but this large? The world welcomed at least 4 babies into the world but three of them were born here in Wisconsin. I hope they grow up and learn neat things that would impact their lives. Plus there could be a new "generation of the 300 Million" era in the America for the next couple of years.
Now the other news I cannot believe, this relates to the Frank Jude Jr. beatings from two years ago. At the same time when I was "attacked" by two local organizations, Frank Jude was "attacked and beaten" in Bay View by some of "Milwaukee’s Finest", the MPD. They had a trial and founded not guilty, this year. I sense a "no snitching" rule that was in effect which had folks angry. Now for the first time since the trial, there were alligations that the cops were actually hiding some "hidden information" that the Police, Officials, Citizens and even Frank Jude’s family never knew. Oh Boy! Now I have seen everything. I knew that there was something in the minds of us that was asking "What else could have have happened in the case?" Now the City is in question, and those involved are more in question.  I hate to say that this may be a break in the case.  But I hope that this new break could add more gas to the car, and get it going into another direction. Only this time, it must be to the truth. The key is deep thinking and more analyzing the subject at hand.

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