Let the war for Wisconsin Governor Begin!

Posted: October 17, 2006 in News and politics

 Imagine this: Were in Madison, Wisconsin at the Kohl Center. There is a ring announcer, a wrestling ring and thousands of people jampacked the arena. A ring announcer enters the ring and gives the attention to the Doyle/Green fans: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled for one term, is for the Governor of Wisconsin!" " In the ring, representing the Democratic Party, he is from Madison, Wisconsin, the reigning Govenor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle!" "And his opponent, representing the Republican Party, he is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, the leader of the Green Team, Mark Green!" Well this announcement can be a fun thing for this election, but this is not going to be a wrestling match under extreme rules, this match is going to determine who is going to be the man in Madison. For the past few weeks, I have been closely looking at the candidates under one word: Jobs. That’s right, the J-O-B-S! Jobs. A four letter word that Wisconsin needs more of. I hate to say this for my beloved badger state, that Wisconsin is lagging behind in employment, or in this case, falling behind.  More recently there has been "missed opportunities" for the state to acquire more big time companies of Honda, Google, and others to Wisconsin.  But instead, these companies are going to other states like Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana. Now I am not slighting Harley, John Deere, GE Healthcare, GM in Janesville, and any other Wisconsin approved employer, I just think that the state should have benefited in acquiring more "big time players" to the state. Now for the candiates here is a breakdown of the plans of Doyle and Green:
Jim Doyle:
Creating Good-Paying Jobs
Good Paying Jobs: Grow Wisconsin
Governor Doyle’s Grow Wisconsin plan has created more than 140,000 good jobs since he took office in 2003. And the plan eliminated the tax on job creation, modernized our financial system, and resulted in the most sweeping regulatory reform in the Midwest.
Governor Doyle has also revamped the use of Enterprise Development Zones to help create more good-paying jobs.
And Governor Doyle’s Administration is beginning to invest $65 million in start-up companies through the use of angel and venture investor tax credits—leveraging at least $260 million in new investments—to encourage innovation, and attract new, cutting edge jobs to the state.
Good Paying Jobs: Manufacturing
Governor Doyle is fighting to keep more manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin by helping small and medium sized manufacturers become more efficient and expand into new markets both locally and globally. Since the Governor took office, exports have increased by more than 40 percent, with manufacturing leading the way.
To help this important industry remain financially strong, the Governor repealed the sales tax on energy used by manufacturers.
And Governor Doyle has invested more than $2 million in worker training to ensure that as our manufacturers ramp up their workplaces to compete in a 21st century market place, Wisconsin workers have the skills to ramp up with them.
Good Paying Jobs: Stem Cell
Governor Doyle is committed to keeping Wisconsin the stem cell research leader – an exploding high tech industry that promises to bring millions of dollars and thousands of jobs to Wisconsin. The Governor has set a goal for Wisconsin to capture 10 percent of the stem cell market – which could create 100,000 jobs and generate $10 billion – by 2015.
Good Jobs: Living Wage Tax Credit
To help working families, Governor Doyle has proposed a Living Wage Tax Credit that would help 9,000 families who are working full-time be lifted out of poverty.
Mark Green:
More Wisconsin Jobs Lost on Doyle’sWatch
GREEN BAY – Gubernatorial candidate Mark Green issued the following statement Monday after it was announced that Harley-Davidson will expand its powertrain production operations outside Wisconsin:
“For the second time in two weeks a flagship Wisconsin company has announced it will be moving jobs out of Wisconsin because it’s too expensive to do business here.
“Last week, Menards decided to locate 800 new jobs in Iowa and Ohio because Jim Doyle’s DNR refused to grant the necessary permits. Today, Harley-Davidson announced that it will expand operations elsewhere, where the cost of doing business is cheaper. The loss of these good-paying jobs is a huge blow to Wisconsin’s efforts to rebuild our manufacturing economy.
“When Honda wanted to build a new plant in the Midwest, Jim Doyle said pursuing the plant would be ‘pointless’ and didn’t even pick up the phone. He claims his priority is helping existing state employers expand, but in the past week two major Wisconsin employers have sent jobs elsewhere. It’s disappointing to see jobs that should be going to Wisconsin workers leaving for other states.
“Wisconsin workers shouldn’t have to make concessions to allow their employers to compete with the cost of doing business in other states. The governor’s job is to make Wisconsin a great, affordable place to run a business, and Jim Doyle has failed to deliver for Wisconsin families. When I’m governor I won’t think it’s ‘pointless’ to pursue new companies and I sure won’t support the kind of taxes and regulation that on Jim Doyle’s watch have driven good jobs from Wisconsin to other states.”
GREEN BAY – Just days after Eau Claire-based Menard, Inc. announced that it was putting 800 jobs in Ohio and Iowa instead of Wisconsin because it could not get permit approval from Jim Doyle’s DNR to expand their distribution facilities, two more Wisconsin employers have announced major job cuts.
Hurd Windows and Doors, based in Merrill has announced more than 100 permanent job cuts, while Chilton Products in the Fox Valley will be moving 95 jobs to Kansas. Both moves will be effective in December, just in time for the holidays.
Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Green commented on the news:"In the last four days, Wisconsin has lost more than 1,000 good-paying jobs on Jim Doyle’s watch. From Milwaukee to Merrill, Jim Doyle’s tax and regulatory policies are costing Wisconsin workers. Wisconsin deserves a governor who will be the state’s number one cheerleader and never stop fighting to bring good jobs to our state. Earlier this year, when Honda announced plans to bring a new manufacturing plant to the Midwest, Jim Doyle didn’t even pick up the phone.
"Wisconsin doesn’t have a shortage of hard-working people. What we’re lacking is leadership. Jim Doyle’s priorities are all wrong. Instead of pushing for in-state tuition and taxpayer-subsidized home loans for illegal immigrants, he should be fighting for Wisconsin jobs and working to move our economy forward.
"Elect me governor, and Wisconsin won’t be a spectator, watching from the sidelines as other states bring good jobs and new businesses to their citizens. We can do better, and working together, we will."
Mark Green’s Plan
Replace the Department of Commerce with a public-private Wisconsin Economic Development
Corporation (WEDC) that will move at the speed of business. In order to attract businesses, the new
WEDC will operate like and move at the speed of business. It will be led by a nonpartisan, 12-member
Board of Directors, chaired by Governor Green, and a cabinet level CEO. The other members of the board
will include industry leaders from all sectors and sizes of business, labor and the University of Wisconsin
System. The WEDC will still be subject to Wisconsin’s open meetings and ethics laws.
Get rid of failing and duplicative programs. The WEDC Board’s first task will be to review the state’s
152 economic development programs, and the 26 councils associated with them, with the goal of reducing
them to ten or less.
Governor Green will be in charge of job creation. Mark Green will chair the WEDC Board of Directors
and actively fight to bring new jobs to Wisconsin.
Establish a JOB LINE that rings in the governor’s office. Mark Green will put a JOB LINE phone in the
governor’s office so that anyone looking to create new jobs in Wisconsin will only need to know one number
– Governor Green’s.
Well these options from both candidate are good in a sense, but lets face it. Folks will make up their minds no matter what Green and Doyle will bring to the table. They are going to end up moving out to go where the jobs are, or just take a whatever kind of job here for a while. On the 7th of November, there will be a big decision made for Madison and just to see who will be the "Man in Madison", and that will be up to one person, the voter. Remember Vote of Die? Wisconsin should. At the end of the State Election, the smoke will clear and the victor well may go to spoils. But who knows, there might be "a surprise shocking win" for one candidate.

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