Bill Clinton Unleashed!

Posted: September 30, 2006 in Decision Factors, News and politics, Organizations

I was watching fox news this past sunday in concerning ex-president Bill Clinton. He was in one of the heated interviews in television history, perhaps the year. I have never seen him so hot in a sense of “pushing the button” sort of speak. Anyway it was about Chris Wallace asking the 42nd president the tough questions in relations to the war on terror, Osama, the USS Cole and the 9/11 Commission. For Bill, he commented that if he were still president, he would have the inside source to determine how to corral the gunslingers of terrorism. About Osama, Bill Clinton almost had him. And as far as the USS Cole, and 9/11 commision, I guess Bill tried to explain that of the despite of the “The Path to 9/11”, the ex-president did comprehend that he tried everything he could to prevent and sustain the act of violence that was prepartrated on American Soil. Also during the interview, I think Chris Wallace was trying to get into Bill Clinton’s head. Not because it was Fox News, nor it had Condolezza Rice on several times. I think it was an attempt to “attack Bill’s Conscience” in which most people had consciencely berated him. Anyway, I still think President Clinton was one of America’s best presidents, and I consider him as one of my favorite presidents because it was him who put 20 Million jobs in America in his presidency. How may jobs has dubya has put out? I’m not trying to get political nor I am trying to be a politician, but that’s how I see it.  Overall, I think Bill Clinton had a right to defend his position as President for 8 years.

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