My Version of Spirit Catching

Posted: September 24, 2006 in Reflections

St. James United Methodist Church had a share of stories for their 57th Anniversary. Most was influenced from Grandmothers, Parents and others that "grew up" in the church. To me, I never had the opportunity to tell my story because I’m too young! OK just kidding. No, the reason is because I wasn’t sure of which story I wanted to tell. Either through education, or just having fun back in the day when things were cool. But I have conjured up some ministories that have a tie in with spirit, and most of all learning from them.
John Marshall High School Band: 1991-1995
Yes, this I remember very well. I was a freshman in Marshall I can remember that I could not march. I sucked. It bothered me for most of my first year in high school. And, yes I was commented on that. But hey, it was my first time in a High School Band, and it was nothing to be concenred with. But when I became a sophomore in the same school, with the same band, something ignited. When my former band teacher Mr. Grauer asked the band to comeback in August of 1992, we were going over some of the activities that was scheduled for us in the coming year, such as concerts, football games, and Homecoming. One day Mr. Grauer had most of us outside of the school, right infront of door 2 and the band room. Mr. Grauer commanded us to stand at a attentention. He commanded "Band, Ten Hut!" When we did that, we were reminded that we were a "living statue". We did. Then Mr. Grauer commaned us to do a mark time march. We did. For about 5 minutes into the routine, Mr. Grauer looked over at me and said "Steve is in step!" After all of this, Mr. Grauer told me that he used to yell at me, curse at me (even though he didn’t), he finally gave me some mad respect of the fact that I was catching on. And also the same practice energized me for the next two years at Marshall not only academically but activitywise also.
UW-Stout: For four years as a UW-Stout Distance Learning Student, I had to face some dissaprovals of my chosen style of education here in Milwaukee. I have heard them before, "You have to go on campus", or "How could you have a job here in Milwaukee, while being a UW-Stout Student?" Folks, to this very day, I never made any assumptions of leaving Milwaukee for Menomonie. Just because I was a distance education student for UW-Stout doesn’t mean that I have to be on campus. After all the whiz and vinegar from certain biased citizens, I kept my purpose in check of my "quest" of a bachelor’s degree and on May 13th, I got to the opportunity to march in the Commencement, and culminated my mission with a B.S. Degree in the Industrial Management program. Furthermore, this sample makes me a "patriot" because I fought my fight with the University. To quote John Cena, "If you can’t see that, you can’t see me!"
MATC: To conclude my spirit stories: I am reminded of a quote that a college teacher once said. Around 1997, I was taking a printing course at MATC and I had a teacher named Leonard McGee. We were previewing a exam that day, which was 100 questions! The quote that Mr. McGee once stated "When you leave the classroom, you’re not going to remember everything." I was like, huh? What did he ment by that notion? Then he rephrased it by adding "as long as you learned something". That quote stuck with me for the past 9 years and I still remember that phrase almost every single day. And I continued the program and graduated in May, 2000.
Overall, the lessons learned here is that telling these good stories, goes on. It’s like hip hop it doesn’t stop. It is etched in stone and has been cemented for the next phase of life, and I think the Spirit of the Anniversary can live on too.

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