9/11 – the thought still continues

Posted: September 12, 2006 in Reflections

September 11th, 2001 was to me one of the worst "smackdowns" in the history of America. It was a wake up call, a disturbing call. But mostly it was a fearful call. Three airplanes, three cities, Two Towers, One Pentagon and one open field in Pennslyvania. When I turned on the TV 5 years ago, I couldn’t believe what was happening in New York. I thought it was some kind of accident. But then, another plane hit the second tower, and I thought could this be a sign of bad things to come? That bad thing was turning into an attack on American Soil. I remember going to a job interview that Tuesday morning in Brookfield, and I also remember seeing the hellish footage of planes hurled into the World Trade Center and seeing the Towers collapse. Not only that, what also got me was the fact the citizens in the Mideast were chearing "God is Great", and passing out candy. They acted like they just won the WWE Championship in a no-holds-barred match. In another view, they also acted like they killed the big country of the world. – They didn’t.
I was also shocked to see people jumping out of the World Trade to either safety or mostly, death. Our country was horrified that week. There were questions ranging from, security, travel, and even the resurrection of the Military Draft. Churches had high attendances, and the Military saw a recruitment jump since the attacks. Alot of them were shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan with in the past five years. Some made it back, some didn’t. What makes this day now, is the fact I thought of all the bad and ugly BS I did in my life so far, none of them, I repeat NONE OF THEM, couldn’t touch the fabric of the 9/11 attacks. Also, it made me realized that our country must continue to uphold it’s purpose of being free and sticking up to those who invade it. Yes, it has been five years. Seemed like yesterday. But the thought still continues. So far the American troops captured Sadaam Hussein, but Osama bin Laden is still out there. Also, it seem that the taliban disappeared and Al-Queda Network would not go away like a bad 80’s flashback. The terrorists may have got our number, but now it is time to return the favor and uphold American Justice for all. It would take a while, but I know that America must be America again!

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