September – a month of decisions, football, school, and 9/11

Posted: September 2, 2006 in Uncategorized

The ninth month of the year has come apon us. September. The month in which the "unofficial season of summer" ends by Labor Day. Labor Day to me it is all about those who work. Even though it does involve those who are seeking work – like me. For me, the summer peak season at UPS was overall "fair and imparcial". I’ll admit that the Package Handling job was not an easy task. You work, sweat, bleed, tear, and move boxes for at least 3.5 hours per day. Right now, I have decided to take my seasonal leave from UPS, but I want to say that leaving the legendary company was kind of shaky, and questioning about is this the kind of job that I want? After I had my shoulder strain, I had to think about it real hard and it appears that it may not be the best for me. But I will say this, UPS overall is one of the best companies in the United States and the world, and I predict that I will be reunited with the company down the road, on a different level with two words: Industrial Engineering. I know that I may sound crazy about this, but the fact remains that it can happen. So this goodbye is only saying, I just need to get away for a while, but you never know that I will step in a Wisconsin District facility with a determined outlook with a new purpose in mind. Could it be a Driver Helper job again?
On to football, it seems that the Packers and Badgers have new coaches, players and goals in mind. For both teams, I want to see improvements in both teams. Especially for GB.  4-12 was so last season but this is a new fall season. And this season will mark the 10th Anniversary that the Pack did something that I’ll never forget, win a SuperBowl! But the question is can one season of the Packers be a starting point for the team to win? And how will Bret Bilemma’s Badgers do?
Last September, I promised myself to "bring the heat" in my college studies. But this year is different. There are no Stout or MATC classes to attend. So now what do I do? Oh, find a job and earn income, pay bills and have fun! I’ll will always remember how to get hyped up for this month and having the ability to carry out the goals of earning the chance to accomplish the goals of my education. 15 years ago this month, I remember offically starting high school at age 14, and the scene then was strange but taking time to understand.  To those who are attending high school for the first time: Get involved, take your opportunity, listen to your music to and from school, and bust the best grades possible. And stay out of trouble!
Monday, September 11th will mark the 5th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks in America. It seem only yesterday that I was leaving for a job interview and hearning about the planes crashed into the WTC, the Pentagon and a open field in Pennsylvania. In my previous blogs, I remember saying that are freedoms were tested that day, and now were are just going over why are freedoms were tested, and how to get back being America again.

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