Off to Detroit!

Posted: July 23, 2006 in Travel

The goal of me going to Detroit is Family Reunion. The last time I was in the MotorCity was in the Summer of 1999. It was my first visit to see the city up close and personal. Plus, I also realized that the city was close to nearby Windsor, Ontario. I guess that the fastest way to get to Canada, is to go through Detroit. Now, it is seven years later, and Detroit has improved. New ballparks, attrractions and it is more "on the move."

Thrusday Night was hospitality night in which the family was gathered to meet and to introduce of where our places of residences, and families. Plus we played Family Feud, and won prizes. – I won two tickets to a Detroit Tigers game and an India.Arie CD.

Friday was more of a full day in the MotorCity. We went to the Motown Museum, to view the artifiacts of performance clothing of the Four Tops, the hat and glove in which Michael Jackson performed with on Motown 25, a hole in the roof in which the early artists used an echo effect to create the infamous "motown sound". Plus, I also viewed album covers in which featured many diverse artists on different labels. What was the significance of Motown was the label itself features white artists – (i.e. Teena Marie), Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Motown artists?  in spoken words that is! I also view some album covers in which did not featured the faces of black artists. Back in the day of discriminaiton, Berry Gordy decided to create album covers in which had the orginal artists names and art pictures. The two most areas of the museum, was the apartment where Berry Gordy lived for several years, which has it’s old school settings, of furnature,  and the main lobby of the building in which the old main office featured old settings of the switchboards, an vendijng machine in which had milk duds about over 50 years, (don’t taste it!), an mini meeting room in which the motown legends gathered to discuss the next potential music for the record company, a record room in which Motown organized and kept orginal recordings of  the artists, and the infamous Studio A. This is the studio in which the Temptations, the Supremes, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye practiced their songs that soon became classics. Plus the museum presented phases in which the development of the buildings from beginning to the Woodward Location. Don’t look for it because it was wrecked in prelude to the super bowl.

Friday afternoon was more of "Rock N’ Bowl", in which Bowling, and music was a fun factor. Pizza was good too! In the evening, it was the Detroit Tigers vs the Oakland A’s in which the Tigers won 7-4. And Dimitri Young was playing also.

Saturday morning and afternoon was a day to get out to see Detroit. The last I saw Detroit and Windsor, was in 1999, but this time it was more on Detroit. First I visited (or revisited) the GM Renessance Center, in which I viewed sevaral GM Cars on display – Chevys, Cadillacs, and also I got my second view of the Detroit River and nearby Windsor, Ontario. Next, it was off to the Hard Rock Cafe, where I had lunch, and viewed artifacts of Michael Jackson’s jacket from his Moonwalker tour, a guitar in which Detroit Native Kid Rock, used to play during his performances, there some motown artificats of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson. And back to the hotel for the Banquet later in the evening. Saturday night was special. The banquet featured alot to ask for in which it celebrated the unitifcation of the family, even though it was about 70 of us. The evening was filled with food, music, talent, and history – which was the main focus of the reunion. Lastly, there were pictures galore! and a potential decision to move the reunion next year to Atlanta, or back here in the Brew.


This time around, Detroit was definitely on the move for the better. Even though the city was founded before America became a country (1701), the motor city continues to rev up more opportunies to gain. Despite what the others say, Detroit is my kind of an American city. It deserves an A- in my book.


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