The attack on Star Jones Reynolds

Posted: July 4, 2006 in Entertainment

I didn’t know what was going on last week, but while I was doing both secretarial work and package  handling, I heard about the annoucement of Star Jones Reynolds’ departure from "The View." May say why? First the show was planned to go to another direction for the 10th Season, her contract was not renewed and Rosie O’Donnell takes her liberties on Star. To be honest in my opinion, why does this happen to successful black women like Star Jones?  But I would make a bold prediction that this so-called firing from The View, is going to make Star stronger for another job. Maybe podcasting, radio or television. Star has 9 years of television, and extesnsive experience of journalism, and I think this would turn this negative into positive motives. Star says she felt "betrayed" by this whole ordeal. I don’t blame her. That is like taking a high draft pick player, mold him or her into a dominate force for the team and then cut them off at the peak of achievement. That is useless! No business should do that for what so ever. It is Un-American!
What will Star do next? Only time will tell.

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