Why the freak I like and respect the 4th of July!

Posted: July 3, 2006 in Holiday
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On July 4th, 1776 the United States of America was born in Philiadelphia, PA. The mission of the time was to give the country an independent form of being its own country. The Colonists of John Hancock, Ben Franklin and others helped to shape form the use of “Independence” to integrate causes of being free. Still, after 230 years of the Declaration of Independence, America has a lot of “freedom fighting “to do.  “Freedom fighting comprises of racism (which is world wide), sexism, freedom to speak, perform religion (in a positive manner) , dress and many others that we continue to face each day. Now for the other countries who don’t like America, based on our way of life, and prosperity, we shouldn’t let their comments stand in our way of maintaing the properous objectives of strengthing this country. Since 9/11, our freedoms were “challenged” due to the World Trade Center bombings and we began to wonder, is this the type of country that is supposed to be dragged down like that? not apparantly, but then again anything can happen, and we must to maintain the hypothesis to ask and answer why we need to be the America again.
In honor and respect, of the 4th, I found several reasons why this holiday is a favorite of mine:
Independence –
Freedom –
Opportunity –
Liberty –
Justice –
Honor –
but most of all – prosperity!

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