Education is must for employment!

Posted: June 29, 2006 in Decision Factors, Editorial, Education
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Malcolm X once believed that  “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  Remember Marty Stein? who owned all the Stein Optical stores in Milwaukee? He too expressed education concerning the dilemmas of our nation. Although he is no longer with us in flesh, but his spirit presented from his excerpt from his last editorial: “The answer is EDUCATION and a conscientious effort to change the environment for our children. We need to value each child as our own –– to motivate, inspire and mentor them to believe that they can be whoever they want to be –– doctors, plumbers, professors, lawyers,pharmacists, etc. –– and we need to do it now. In this effort, time is not our friend.”
So I was reading the JS last week about Worker’s skills not matching jobs. And I heard that educators such as college teachers are to let students know that taking classes in areas of lab tech or printing could get individuals jobs. Well, that can be an understatement. In 2000-2004, I had my first couple full time jobs that were printing related, and worked in the Milwaukee Area.Unfortunately, they were cut short. But getting back to the unmatching, could this be a primary reason why Milwaukee doesn’t have enough “skilled workers” to work in the city? I heard about the “brain drain”. Well, I think the “brain drain” is a sign of despair. Meaning that those who were skilled lets say in the UW system are most likely to move to other areas of the country in order to makeway for their paths of opportunity. But the question is how can Milwaukee, or Wisconsin in general, can turn this problem around? How can the class of 2006, turn this around? I know that by August 4th, I will be making “full-time” decisions. Part-time decision will probably not be a factor. This is all about more pay, benefits, insurance, unions, stock, vacation, no weekends and standard Monday – Friday weekly hours. But another question is where? If  I am very lucky, some National  companies with a local feel would hire me in Milwaukee, or Waukesha, Madison, Menomonie, Sheboygan or Green Bay. If not well, I may have to make a decision that would be “earth shattering for hard decisions.” – Sorry brewcity! If a job in Chicago, Twin Cities, Des Moines, Detroit or New York City would call be about a job offer, I would probably have to pray about it and make a choice. Even if it would effect my living opportunities in Milwaukee, or Wisconsin.
So let me end by saying this: regardless of what idiotic jabroni believes that taking a class in funky physics, or coordinating children groups does not get a job, think again! Without education, there can’t be employment to progress.
“Without struggle we cannot progress” – Frederick Douglass

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