The right of free speech and John Tenta

Posted: June 10, 2006 in Reflections

In America, we as citizens have a right to say whatever we want and back it up. Surely, for some it is a challenge, but others may be questionable. Take for instance, at my Alma Mater, John Marshall High School on June 6, (6-6-6) Class Valecdictorian Matt Umstot was to give a speech to his senior class. I went on his myspace site and appears that Matt wanted to say the "extreme" version of his speech than the "edited" version. In the speech, Matt talks about  how the City of Milwaukee’s leaders, school system, racism, and others have been a letdown for the Brewcity’s image.  He even revealed that a friend of his was killed because of a t-shirt. He stated in his graduation speech on how it would not be an easy speech to review. And also in punishment, if the speech would have been given, he would have been yanked off stage and not graduate.
Let me say this as a 1995 Grad of Marshall, that I believe he earned the right and privilage to say what was on his mind. I know that it not easy these days, but again everyone has a right, even we don’t want to hear it. I would also believe that Matt probably stood up for what he believed in, although he was 18. Yo, age ain’t nothing but a number(to quote Aaliyah). Instead of turning off of what people like Matt have to say, we need to listen. Instead of pulling people off their big moments in life. And maybe if we just listen, we would probably  get the message. I know I feel the same way of changing the city for the better.
Now on to John Tenta. Back in the day he was known as Earthquake. And he was one of the best big men to wrestle for the WWE and WCW. He was a tag team champion along with Tugboat or Typhoon, which was known as the Natural Disasters. Sadly, John died this week at age 42 of cancer. I can hear that why would a former wrestler die so young under age 50? How could this have happen? Well, if God calls your number, that’s it. Nothing else. And age has nothing to do with it.

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