What’s Up Now?

Posted: June 1, 2006 in Reflections

Now since I don’t have a school to go right now, I think it’s time that I should prepare for the 63 days of sizzling, cool, and more importantly, summer. Speaking of school, I heard that the 99-year reign of North Division High School is closing on June 9th. Wait, that date is familiar. I remember that date is when I became a 38th Street School Graduate 18 years ago! It is sad in this day in age when schools (as legendary as North) close in this era, due to budget cuts, attendance, and etc.
I wasn’t a student at North Division but a couple of my family members, such as my father, uncles, some church members, and older/younger cousins are North Division Grads. My father once mentioned North Division was real. I’m assuming that the school was the top contender way back. Almost like Tech was back in the 90’s.  (If you were a rival school, you hated them!) I met a band teacher named Barry Applewhite back in ’95, before my graduation at Marshall took place. It was at a High School Honors band concert. I remember taking field trips to North Division way back in the 90’s for college fairs, or high school fairs, I think. Well, I remember back at Marshall, around ’93 our football team beat North Division’s football team at our homecoming that year. I would like to comment that North Division was contender to all schools including Marshall.
On the flipside, my first 3-and a half weeks as a UW-Stout Grad has been on the rise. Everyday I wake up as a Stout Grad-to-be to think as if I am living a dream. Well apparently, the dream is now a reality, and the potential is now a realization. I wonder if I had any regrets? NOT! Now, it’s just going out to the world and showcasing my skills and talents as a regular person.
What is up with the violence again? I hope we as a community can rise up from this. I don’t want to go through another experiece of summer madness of deaths. Last year was too much.
Well, one can’t greve forever! I think it is time for all memories to begin and life to move on.

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