Will the real Memorial Day please stand up?

Posted: May 28, 2006 in Holidays

To ask the question: What is the real meaning of Memorial Day? Lots of people would answer that question. Examples would include a holiday from work or school. But on the real, Memorial Day is a time to set aside to remember those who were killed in battle, which I am refering to those who lost their lives in the World Wars, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf, and Iraqi Freedom. Sometimes I wonder that we tend to forget what had it took to upkeep our  freedoms of our country alive. And those examples  a price of courage due to our troops in battle. Since 9/11, our freedoms were challenged that day, and it reminded us that "Freedom is not Free." That I know. Whenever we see footages, or read stories about groups of individuals who were in the Military, and have been honored with Taps, 21 gun salutes, etc, it gives more meaning of the truest objective to see why we celebrate this Memorial Day Holiday. Not just because it is a day off from work and school. It should be more than barbecues, movies, the ‘unofifical start of summer’, NBA Playoffs, and yes, fireworks (if any). Let us remember on this day and everyday that the real Memorial Day is for those who fought and died to carry out  the freedoms we continue to hold this day.

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