The DAY is here!!!!!

Posted: May 12, 2006 in Decision Factors, Education, Reflections
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My four year journey as a UW-Stout Student is nearing it’s end. After all the hard work and perseverence will finally payoff, and I’ll be ready (hopefully) for the big time. As I anticipate this event, I must keep in mind that there is a difference between a COMMENCEMENT and a GRADUATION. The term “Commencement” is defined as a exercise ceremony in order to be recogized as a candiate to become a graduate.

The Chancellor and Graduating Class of University of Wisconsin-Stout announce that

Stephen Thomas McClinton, Jr.
is a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science in
Industrial Management at the Commencement Exercises
Saturday, May thirteenth Two Thousand Six
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Johnson Fieldhouse
 And “GRADUATION” is defined as well, having the document that you have passed the requirements. So, as of right now, May 13th I will be one of the many at UW-Stout to walk across the stage and be recognized as a candidate for a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management.
By now, I am checking my grades, for the last time. And it appears that the grades of an A-, A, and a C- would put the nail in the coffin for my education, and a secure investment for my B.S. degree. Also, does education continues? I may expecting a bachelor’s but somewhere down the line that I would think about acquiring a Master’s degree in whatever. If that happens, so be it. But for right now, I want to celebrate my achievement of a bachelor’s degree, and proving in a fashion of completing it via distance education. This same style that some doubted. Some thought it was not possible. Some even thought that I should be on campus. Believe me, folks: it does work, only if you believe.
Four years ago, I never knew anything about UW-Stout, but now, I understand and can tell about the University. Now, I can do what other members of the Alumni are doing as of this point, by telling upcoming college students about the school, and I also want to tell the upcoming students of color (especially black) about having another option of coming to Stout.
Where do I go from here? Like I said in church, I don’t know where it is, or when it is, but I’m a do it.
This mission of obtaining a bachelor’s degree is complete. This was a five year journey that started in late 2001, and now, it has been culminated.
UW-Stout Class of 2006!

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