UWM Name Change, Pain In the Gas, Farve back 4 More

Posted: May 9, 2006 in Reflections

Does UWM need to change its title? I don’t know what the deal is, I mean, I feel that the name should stay. It has been around for at least 100 years and have served its notice in Milwaukee. Overall, I think the name has it’s definitions by standing out of the shadow of UW-Madision. Now, according to the sources, there are potential selections of changing the name:
Milwaukee State University
Wisconsin State University
Well, these names have some potential, but I think they may not make it to the final cut. I think in the end the name will stay with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Obvious.
Gas prices are now 3.00 per gallon. That’s no suprise, since the country is in a energy crisis. (The thought about Bush said that America is addicted to oil) I think the next time there is a crisis concerning fueling our vehicles, I’ll settle for a hybrid, then again, I’ll take the bus.
Farve will be back for another season. I had a hunch that would happen. Since Mike McCarthy is at the helm, maybe the Packers will improve on team rebuilding in the upcoming season. Two words: Impact Players! That is what I think is holding the packers up. Recently, Charles Woodson signed a 7 year deal with the Pack in the defense area, and a rookie from Ohio State named A.J. Hawk. But what about offense? I think the Packers should explore that option even further. Offensive line, Running backs, Wide Recievers and yes, Tight Ends. By now, Javon Walker is gone to Denver, with a trade. But which player would rise up? Besides Donald Driver. Hopefully, the Packers should be able to find a fresh player during this year’s draft.

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