The “MySpace” Craze

Posted: April 23, 2006 in Reflections

It seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of the whole myspace craze. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an working adult. Everytime you see "spaces" on the net, it seems that everyone wants to display their side of "wildness" to the world. Or in another side of entertainment or gettin’ notice. What ever the cases may be, "myspace" is all about showing who or what we really about. Now, I have seen and read about some myspaces that are off the page, and it concerns young teens. I really think that they should be a concern about the type of display that they are showing to world that might worry their parents. Two examples related to sex and another recently planning an attack on a high school. (Must we learn from Columbine?)
I have researched at least 4 myspaces this year. Three are famous, and one is not.  For the famous, I have researched spaces of John Cena, and DMC.  Another spot that is in the process of being famous, is Black Elephant. They are a local hip hop group here in the Brew, who have their own style, and class of their rap game. There is no doubt that they probably have their hits of fans online.And for the non-famous, I researched this chick named Mija, who is local  and in her thirties. She is off the meter! I checked her spot and well, based from the explicit language, (which didn’t bother me in a sense of whatever), I think she is a hard driven individual who wants to conquer. (BTW, her pics, no comment!)  
Overall, having a space does set its tones of providing useful info on an individual, or group.
That’s it folks!

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