It’s Time To Resurect!

Posted: April 16, 2006 in Reflections

It’s Time to Resurect! – A Tale of Two Troubles
Last Friday, the city of Milwaukee had a tale of two troubles, one trouble was the unfortunate closure of Purvis and Quadrevion, who were missing since March 19th, were found dead in the lagoon at McGovern Park, accidently. Their deaths are now sinking in to everyone who was moved by the search, and those who were close the most, the families.  Not only that, even those who didin’t met the two, (and I am one of those individuals) are effected by keeping the children close – REAL CLOSE! Their funerals? I can’t imagine the outpour. Both of their final curtain calls would be emotional, but then again it is about celebrating their young lives at 11 and 12 years old. Now, this experience must be resurrected in order to find closure and peace among the community, and partialy, the nation.
Another trouble, was the verdict of the Frank Jude, Jr. case. Not Guilty. I, like everyone else was shocked and appalled that three former Milwaukee officers were got off due to fact of the Bay View Beatings, and again, the "No Snitching Plague" was played, I think.  This almost reminds me of the 1992 verdict in Los Angeles in which white LAPD officers were found not guilty of the Rodney King beatings, and LA is hell on earth the next day with riots. And I was 15 years old, a freshman at John Marshall High School. Once again, I think the justice system can be very, very, screwy and twisted at times of situaitons like this. Plus, it can be end up as a laughing stock in the American Justice System. Come to think, I think Frank Jude got a raw deal based from this trial. And as for my plans of being a police officer , may not happen. And as far as my "trust" in the Milwaukee PD would be even more questionable of me being black in America. I know there are good cops, but the bad cops must be put under a microscope. Plus some MPD police  officers in Milwaukee are questioning their image of "the badge" after this incident.
Now to ask the question: which today is Easter. Hey, Jesus died on Good Friday and arose on Easter Sunday, -er resurrected after his crucifixtion,, the mocking, and provoked him calling out names like the "King of the Jews".  Can we, the citizens of Milwaukee resurrect from these "troubles?" The most obvious answer would be a infactic yes, but the "true answer" lies within us, not just the tax payers, the employed, unemployed, students, retirees, old school, new school, former citizens who moved, veterans, religious groups, greatest generation, baby boomers, gen x, gen y, millennium generation, and any other group, school or "kliq" that we belong too. This is our city! Let’s take the time now to emerge it like the Phoenix and rise up.
This is my Easter plea. Which is now a confidence plea.
For further stories, here is a story from Eugene Kane, about hope. Plus MKE Blogger Sarah Hoye has a different side of the story.

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