First Raw Experience

Posted: April 16, 2006 in Wrestling

First RAW Experience
Afrer so many years of wishful thinking, I finally got my chance to go to Monday Night RAW at the Bradley Center. After so many years of wishful thinking, I got my chance to be apart of Monday Night RAW. The atmosphere was at all time high, since Milwaukee is one of the WWE’s favorite cities. The promos, matches and storylines were cool, even though some key players like Shawn Michaels, Candice Michelle and other were not there. I also saw some celebrities at the Bradley Center comprised of the Milwaukee Bucks: Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons. Plus, Homer Blow of WNOV was in the front row with his sign. Like every arena in the country, there were boos at Cena, and some cheers at Triple H. After RAW ended with the Handicap Match, Triple H and John Cena were engaged in a Street Fight for the Championship. Edge also somewhat played interference in the match, but there was no disqaulificaitons. The winner? John Cena. The matches on Sunday Night Heat which can be seen on were awesome in since it is no longer on television. The first time RAW came to Milwaukee was 1998, that was when Stone Cold was "fired" by Vince McMahon and that when we first saw and heard another version of "McMahon 3:16". Now, this time, the RAW I attended was in it’s post-Wrestlemania mode to a RAW pay-per-view, Backlash. Overall, I finally got my chance to go to RAW, as  I remember last May, I was going to SmackDown!. Hopefully one day, I would go back to the Bradley Center and see more of WWE action, in person.
For a track record, here is  my list of wwe wrestling match attendances
1) March, 1992 – this was a live show in which was a prelude to Wrestlemania 8. My late uncle took  me to this event.
2) August 1994- This was a taped and live event, nothing to special.
3) June 1996- King of the Ring – my first pay-per-view appearance in which Stone Cold Steve Austin unveiled "Austin 3:16".
4) May, 1997 – A live event at the U.S. Celluar Arena. Once again, a post-Wrestlemania event, and in the mist of the Monday Night Wars.
5) June 2000, A live event back at the Bradley Center in which I saw The Rock, DX, Triple H and the late Eddie Guerrero.
6) February 2002, No Way Out- my second PPV in which marked the Return of the nWo at the BC.
7) May 2005, SmackDown at the BC. First time seeing John Cena, Teddy Long, Carlito , Kurt Angle, Heidenreich, JBL, and Candice Michelle. Also, this I think was the rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.
8) April, 2006, Monday Night Raw at the BC. Had to go.
There was two quiz questions posted at the event. The first was which WWE Superstar did Shelton Benjamin defeated at the first Taboo Tueday in Milwaukee and who was the Crusher’s tag team partner to win the AWA Championships?  Answers, Chris Jericho and WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne.

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