Professor X

Posted: April 2, 2006 in Music

In case you missed the news, Professor X has died. For some who were living under a rock, or too young to remember, Professor X was part of a rap group called "X-Clan".  The group to me, was promoting their messages about proudly, being black and maintaining the objectives of postive face in Black America, by reflecting on African Roots. X-Clan was not about gang banging, bling, gold chains, nor spinners, goblets, pimp suits, acting as pimps, nor represinting the East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, or Midwest. And a matter of fact, they didnot have any Explicit Content on their CD’s.
If you saw X-Clan in action back in the day, they doned mostly african outfits of Red, Black, and Green. Also, they had african canes, and anything that reflected the motherland. They were true to their craft. I was about 14 years old when X-Clan first came out. And at the time, I remember the african medallions, outfits that the young teens were into at the time. It was not just a fashion statement back then, it was a culutral statement.  The best singles from group I can remember were : Funkin’ Lesson, Heed the Word of the Brother, and Verbal Milk. These songs came out back around late 1990 and 1991; when I was in Middle School.
Overall, as remembering Professor X, I think you should listen what the brother had to say, by reading between the lines of the music. I know it sounds crazy, but just give it some time. BTW: this would an education booster for the young hip hop fans of today, and those who crititize rap music, such as haters who are hypocritical about all rap music relates to violence, degrading to women, and misogonsitic. Professor X was one of the rappers who influenced the positive in Rap Music, and I thank him for that.

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