Pray for the Boys; Bus stop beatings; Mayor’s Crusing Busting

Posted: March 28, 2006 in Local

Where are the boys? Quadrevion and Purvis have been missing since March 19th. I don’t know what is like to find missing people, but I think this has brung Milwaukee together. Hopefully, with the aide of Milwaukee Police, FBI and Volunteers, this (I hope and pray) that these two boys would come home to their families. I also hope that this case does not end up like Alexis Patterson, some years ago.
What is the deal of getting beat up on Bus Stops now a days?  A high school student outside of Malcolm X Academy here in Milwaukee, was beaten to death by some unknown assailants. Let me clarify, COWARDS.  The teen was leaving school to go to a doctors appointment, and has to suffer this calamity. Back in the day, you would have to watch your back to get on these bus stops because there would be always some cowardly act that might occur. I know, this takes me back to my high school days of packed buses. In which it involves people not going all the way to the back. I wonder why. Are they scared? (Infactic yes!) These days, even stepping out of the house, riding in your car or on the bus,  could lead to non-safety issues. Just watch your back!
Looks like Mayor Barrett has a solution to Crusing: Towing cars. That’s interesting, as long it is reasonable and a way to give the community a break. (A break from disturbance).

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