March Madness, Annual Women’s Month

Posted: March 23, 2006 in Reflections

March is a time of year that Basktetball (college) does rule! Currently, the state of Wisconsin has three teams that are in the tournament: Wisconsin Badgers, UW-Milwaukee Panthers, and the Marquette Golden Eagles. Two of these team have tasted National Titles in the past. UW-Milwaukee has not it share of big time championships, I think there Horizon League Championships would be able to elevate them to the next level. Now recently, all these teams were elliminated, but hey there’s always next season.
March is also a time to recognize women. Frankly, I really don’t care about Women’s month. I don’t. It’s just like last month that hardly some African Americans didn’t believe in Black History Month in February! Ok, I know that any month of the year can be special for some, but I think the concept of us believing that we have to celebrate these events in their perspective months can be at time ungratifying.  To me, I can celebrate Black History Month, anytime, anyplace and anywhere I see fit. It is my right, right? Whereas I think some women would celebrate Women’s month anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Look, I not trying to take away people’s perspectives on having the ability to celebrate special months. But, let me say this, if you want to celebrate Black History in February, Do it! As far as Women’s month in March, fine!
If not, well, that’s on you to decide.

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