DMC, PE, LL – back on CD’s

Posted: March 14, 2006 in Music

Three of my favorite old-school rap stars have cd’s coming out to the streets. DMC, you know from Run-DMC will release his first joint entitled, "Checks, Thugs, and Rock & Roll." I listened to some samples on the net, and I think that DMC has a shot of reaching potential solo as an artist. I don’t need to tell him how to do his thing, but being the pioneer that he is, he has the opportunity to show the world who the real DMC is. I mean, last year, when Rev. Run released Distortion, I wondered how would the fans react to it. But then again, this was a year for him to get his feet wet as a solo artist. For DMC, 2006 would be the same. The rock/rap combos are still there, (even a remake of Watchtower and Gary Doudran of CSI appears in Machine Gun) in sense of moniker sorts. But all in all, I’ll see when the product comes out on the 14th.
Just recently, Public Enemy released "Rebirth of a Nation".  The songs that stood out to me was "Hell no (we ain’t all right), Rebirth of a Nation, Hard Rhymin’, and Can’t Hold Us Back". To me, this is almost a throwback to PE’s days of Fight the Power and Welcome to the Terrordome. In this joint, PE reminds us of what rap music is supposed to be in terms of being "real". Overall, think it is fair for them, especially for Chuck D, to continue rhyming, and Flavor Flav acting crazy in the background.
Now comes to LL Cool J. After 20 years in the game, LL is still cool. Todd Smith will be I think, LL’s 12th album straight out of Def Jam. I have seen the video he did with JLo. "Control Myself" is a hot single, I mean it is so hot not even radio can’t cool it off. April 11, will be the judgment day for the CD to be analyzed by LL Cool J fans, or rap/hip hop fans in general.
I just picked up Prince’s new joint "3121" at Walmart. The album is more of a throwback almost to Prince’s day back in the 1980’s. Anyway, overall, the material on album is letting folks know that Prince is not ready to retire yet! Some of the songs on the album of "Black Sweat", "Fury" and "Get on the Boat" will have your ears buzzing. Also, more songs of "Te Amo Corazon" and "The Dance" would have you interested. Don’t believe me?, cop the album!

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