Cowboy Troy

Posted: March 14, 2006 in Music

Now, I maybe crazy for writing this blog, but I may need to pay attention to an artist called Cowboy Troy. He is a black country entertainer who mixes rap and rock music into one complete fold. His concept of combining the two elements, he calls "Hick-Hop". Now, I am not thinking of jumping ship to country music! That would be like taking a dive in the pool too soon! After researching the websites and fansites, I find it hard to believe that blacks are continuing to migrate to other sounds of music (Other than Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, Soul, and Inspirational) Refering to country, Ray Charles sung Country Music. Charley Pride (Martin Lawrence referred to him as ‘the first brother of country music) sung country. Also, two years ago, Nelly collaborated with Tim McGraw on his Double CD’s , and was nominated for a country music award.
Mixing rap music with other forms of music is nothing new. We hear it in Spanish, Asian, Gospel and Hispanic. For example, Kirk Franklin collaborates rap music with gospel. I don’t have his CD’s nor listen to his songs, but his concept of mixing song forms is a particular example. Reggetone has been popping up all over the place within the past year, and has included mostly, hispanic rap artists. I always remember how Rap/Hip Hop Music came to form. It has it’s roots in Jazz music but in sense it is "afrocentric", in terms of creation of African Decent, from Africa. I could say that Country Music has ties to African origins, not just southern!
Furthermore, if Cowboy Troy keeps his "Hick-Hop" thing going, he may have other artists (other than country) looking in to colloborate. Don’t be superised if he colloaborates with DMC, Rev Run, LL Cool J, Three 6 Mafia, Nelly, or maybe Diddy! Or Ludacris, Mike Jones, and maybe Lil’ Jon! (Ok maybe I just thinking too much!)  But in conclusion, let me say that I am OK with that fact that there is another country entertainer out there right now. If Cowboy Troy (or Troy Coleman) accepts this invitiation, along with the people he supports, he might have a good fanbase from both sides of the ball – Country and Rap.
Speaking of websites: click here for cowboy troy’s sites

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