Kirby Puckett, Dana Reeve, Gordon Parks -RIP

Posted: March 8, 2006 in Reflections

Kirby Puckett, Dana Reeve, Gordon Parks – Rest In Peace
This week in sports and entertainment, the world lost three figures that defined their expertise to baseball, arts, and a change for better health.
First, let me summarize about Kirby Puckett. He was a 2-time World Series Champion with the Minnesota Twins, and a Baseball Hall of Famer. No doubt. Many say that he had a "face for baseball" due to fact that he wanted to help generate his team to greatness. Yes, even though that he had his good days on the baseball diamond, but he had bad scenarios. First, there was glaucoma, an eye symptom that can take a toll on your eyesight and also years of abuse.  At 45, all in all, I think Kirby Puckett should be remembered as what he did on the field, so that future generations of players could probably examine the type of courage and persitance that he displayed. You don’t have to be a Twins fan to know that.
Next, there was Dana Reeve. She was the widow of actor Christopher Reeve, you know "Superman?". After Christopher’s riding accident in 1995, Dana stood by her husband all the way. – ALL THE WAY! She also supported him for the push of Stem Cell Research in which it would hope to find ways to heal the human body from various forms of injuries, diseases and paralyses’.  Dana also kept her husband’s memory alive by sticking to the goals of finding new ways of healing. Dana died at age 45 due to lung cancer, and she was not a smoker.
Now, Gordon Parks. He was a poet, director, composer, a modern day Renaissance Man and photographer. He also directed movies of "The Learning Tree" (plus he composed the score) and the original "Shaft." (Not John Singleton’s version, although he did appeared in it.) When Gordon started out in the game, he took pictures of African Americans that would caputre the impact of Black America. Some was inspired due to his "anger" . In his time, there were struggles for blacks because there were no services provided due to skin color. According to BET.COM, he also was the first african american employee to work for Life Magazine, and Vogue Magazine(yes! Vogue magazine!), as a photgrapher. His career started at age 25, with a camera that was $7.50. In his 93 years of life, I think Gordon Parks earned his staple in the black community. Not only that, the world. I also believe that the world should benefit his craftwork. It should be based on its merits. In today’s society, the world legend often times has been tossed around like a toy. But when you add the world Legend and Gordon Parks in the same sentence, it has meaning.
After reading about Gordon, I think I would spend alot of time in here in the Brew taking pictures and well, making money!

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