Oscars and Respect

Posted: March 7, 2006 in Decision Factors

Before I begin, let me first acknowledge a deceased church member, Ben Ford, two words: Thank You! I will never forget the lessons that I have learned from him and I will always have memorable thoughts about him. For that, I will always respect him, as a church member , an usher, and one of my mentors. I’m not sad about his death, but I am happy that he doesn’t have to go through cancer anymore.
I just finished watching the Oscars Sunday Night, and I was somewhat cool about it. Simply because the movie Crash won the best movie category and also some actors/actresses took home the movie’s top categories. But the biggest win of the night in my opinion, was these words: "You Know It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp." Yeah, that’s right, the song that some people had a concern for. The song that inspired the movie Hustle and Flow. And the same song that I think is going to get airplay on the radio. The rappers Three 6 Mafia, won an Oscar. For the first time in a while, a song written and performed by African-Americans. Last mind you? Shaft. Give the devil its due, whether you like the song or not, it is (now and forever) and oscar award winning song, and another first for hip hop.
I was reading some postings online: Sarah Hoye’s "What tha Hell?" blog on MKE, BET.com’s "Hotmess or Hotness" discussion board, and the washington post”s "Oscar Winner Hits Angry Chord" Article,  and there were mixed emotions. Some like it, some hate it. I knew this was coming. Whenever something "controversial" unveils, everyone is going have their two cents. I can hear pastors talking about this topic  in church sermons. Radio Networks either XM or FM will have their final inputs. Reference Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey, yeah there were chats! Even 1290 mentioned that the Three 6 Mafia were preceding with the song in a editied format. Mostly, approximately 75%  of the respondants actually gave props, while at least 20% hated it and I think 5% were, "I dunno".
You know, four years ago, when Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won their Oscar Awards for their roles as a waitress who shared intimate moments with a former correctional officer and a police officer who becomes an enemy of his partner in an attempt to solve murder cases. I think, there were "talks" back then. But when you really think about it, thinking back to those Wrestling Monday Night Wars, (when WCW and Eric Bischoff went on the air and revealed about WWE RAW’s Victories, Losses and Storylines) it was apparent that in order to generate more interests in tv shows, you must seek ways to "shock" people in order get them interested in their products. The same can be examined for websites. Remember GoDaddy.com, the superbowl commecial that WWE Diva/Milwaukee Born/ Candice Michelle was  acting to "draw interest" for an elderly man’s company? Yeah, the NFL did censor the ad, but the WWE showed the entire commerical UNCENSORED! – as in what really happened. On three separate occassions, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon bared his partially naked glutes on national tv to have SmackDown! Superstar William Regal kiss it. I can remember the WWE displayed their Superbowl Commerical, and some were "afraid". Back in the day, the theme was "Get It?" The same once again can be scripted for "Brokeback Mountain" which had two cowboys "doing it;" Crash, which got the top Academy Award, examined scenarios of racism in America, and now Hustle and Flow about a pimp who wanted out for the opportunity to rap.
Now since the oscars are a close, and everyone has gone home, to make more movies or TV shows, it is time to get into March sweeps and prepare for spring.

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