Shani Davis – Olympic Gold Medalist

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Sports

Finally, there is a black olympic gold medalist. In speed skating! Last saturday I watched Shani Davis receiving a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. I heard that this man had alot of shots taken to him because he didn’t commit to the speedskating team, a mama’s boy, some have referenced him as an n-word. Now, I have first heard of Shani when he practiced for the Olympics here in Milwaukee. Refer to the Pettit National Ice Center. And based on what I saw in him, I see that he would have the potential to reach Olympic Gold. I was right. Shani Davis is now the first African American Male to win a Gold Medal,  in the Winter Olympics.  I think the sport of speed-skating is no longer a "white-man’s sport" as some would call it. It is now simply a sport. (Just like Golf and Tennis!) With the month of February is commonly known as Black History Month, this moment has made black history. Four years ago this month, In Bobsleding, Vonetta Flowers became the first african american female to win the gold medal in the Winter Olympics, and in between, Garrett Hines and Randy Jones became the first african american males to win Silver in the Olympics under the men’s bobsleding team.  I was estatic. Finally I think the winter games is now giving blacks an opportunity to compete and win. I hope that is new trend, started with Debi Thomas in 1988, would continue to expand into the future.

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