The use of the N-Word

Posted: February 18, 2006 in Reflections

More and more everyday, I hear more uses of the N-word. However, due to the refrain of my part, I will not stretch out the N-word. I know what it is. Many people in the black community knows what it is. I remember listening to TJ on 1290 one day in my car, about the use of the n-word. Why do we (or most) constantly keep using it? Is it our lifestyle, our pasttime, or a release? I don’t get it. To me, I will never use the N-word because of the history back towards slavery, and the KKK. I would rather hear alot of good n-words like negro, or nubian. But not that N-word. The Boondocks epidsode that aired in January, had MLK coming out a coma, and preaching to a packed auditorium and brung up the n-word. I know about Al Sharpton wanting to boycott the Cartoon Network in lieu of this matter. What I have noticed that the word has brought out moslty, the worst in blacks. As an African American Male, I don’t consider myself as an N-word. I think it’s degrading, pathetic, and downright stupid. It’s ironic enough that some of my family members bring up or describe the N-word. Hey, just because they use it, doesn’t mean I have to. Why? Why? Because I choose not too! A woman once said that Black is Beautiful. If you believe that statement, believe that statement. Period. The only way to combat the use of the N-word, or N-Bomb, is simply not to use it. Plan and simple. If you just work on that, then you might get somewhere.

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