Me and Marriage? Is this a joke?

Posted: February 16, 2006 in Decision Factors

Marriage has not crossed my mind!
A couple of years back, one of my younger cousins got married in Milwaukee. After the service, I remember my father asking me "when I am going to be next?" I couldn’t answer that question. Years later, my mother and sister questioned and commented about me, their own son and brother, about getting married. My mother said she would provide me a wife and just let my single life happen. Well, I’m sorry to say this but I remember my father truthfully stating that if I’m happy where I am in my life, such as staying single, then I’ll let it happen. You know what, let me by saying this to anyone who has thoughts of me getting married and something else:
Access Denied!
Ain’t happening; 
Who in the heck do they think they are? Why would a black man like me, an hard driven powerhouse, and a mindful, attemptable conquer the world  son of a gun would let some (either family or friends) pressure me walking the ailse? Let me put like this: Half of all marriages (in recent reports) end in divorces. (Just watch Divorce Court) Also some famous names have decided to cut ties permantly. Such as Nick/Jessica, Sheryl/Lance, and Brad/Jennifer. And my family had received the poison of this as well. Plus, I was watching some of Chris Rock’s DVD’s of "Never Scared" and "Bigger and Blacker", and he has brung up some thoughts that I wanted to listen. Such as when a "married man has to say yes to everything", or "becoming a wife’s pet", and "hanging with other married people". Is this true? Do I want to  go through life with a chick with this? Gimme a Break! With Chris Rock a married man himself, he has probably heard from his peers, friends and fans about the same issues he referenced. I can remember back in high school that someone told me the phrase, "Don’t get married". In 11 years since turning 18, I have been pressured, asked, punctured, teased and mostly, probed by some of my family members mostly about this issue. Why can’t they, especially some who bring it up constantly like a boring tired, washed up song, just let me live my freakin’ life? Hey, they had their shot. Some suceeded and failed. Why should I be in the category? As long as my name is Stephen; a Milwaukeean, Wisconsinite, U.S. Citizen, Sagittarian, Chinese Dragon, Marshall High School Grad, MATC Grad, soon to be UW Grad, and any other pre-title in the book, I choose not to get married, why? because I feel that I am not the marrying kind, and I am not supposed to be rushed, pursued, probed, or forced to be a married person. – Take that to the bank!
I mean that yes we all make choices in life. Either good or bad. But at least we have the "spauldings" in order to back it up. So, I just say that I have never thought about it , never met the right, or a true person. I am not desperate ether! Who would in their right mind would have the "balls to the wall" to marry someone like myself? And even if I decide to do this, who would this thing be about the most?
So let me end by saying, that I am happy being single, and if anyone is drinking haterade, (family, friends, church, or anyone is somewhat concerned), I say screw them! and  I’ll shake it off like Mariah Carey. As in this time, I just begun to bring the hammer down. This issue to me is not a concern. I know that this is an attempt to play "mind games" and lose. In the end, I will stand my ground and come out a winner. Look, I don’t have a girlfriend, nor I am looking for Ms. Right. Let me play my game. Like the theme song says from Triple H: "It’s all about the game, and how you play it". I got the ball in the court, and I’ll decide to sink the winning shot. Or, I would grab the football and run in for the touchdown or make the winning sack. Maybe for baseball, It’s all about getting the third out, and/or homerun.  For pro wrestling, it’s about getting the brass ring, the shot at the gold.
But for now, just drop the marriage pressure already! Jeez, it’s not like I’m going to Hades and burn, burn, burn if I don’t get married. Nor I will not be part of the gay community, or the insecurity parades, or walking through the gallos, on sentencing in a courtroom. Plus I am not here to save someone’s candy carcass when it comes to marriage!  I am a man, er adult. Let me make my moves, and the moves I am pursuing is staying single for life!
"No chance, that’s what you got." – WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s Theme Song
"It’s my perrogative" – Bobby Brown

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