Coretta Scott King, Superbowl Commercials, State of the Union, New Supreme Court judge

Posted: February 7, 2006 in Reflections

This past week was a week of lost, changes, hirings and State of The Unions. The loss of Coretta Scott King was the most of a loss. Wait a minute. Let me think about this. I don’t think the we have loss Coretta Scott King because her spirit of humanitarianism has been cemented of her legacy. By the time Tuesday rolls around, she will be buried in Atlanta, Georgia.  Coretta Scott King was the main reason why we have a MLK Holiday. I mean, this whole thing started sometime after King’s murder. She, along with other celebrities, attempted to push the idea of a King Holiday, to a National Holiday. By 1986, the late President Ronald Reagan finally, approved the idea of celebarating King’s legacy every third Monday of January, right around the 15th. And so, another holiday is born, but this time, it is a day on, not a day off!
By now, the Super Bowl has ended. The Steelers beat the Seahawks 21-10 in Detroit. Jerome Bettis said that "The Bus is in the Garage," stating that after 13 seasons, his career in the NFL had ended, after winning the Super Bowl. Plus, Mike Holmgrem has to endure another Super Bowl loss. I think that if the Seattle Seahawks played a free referee robbing game, the hawks might be champs by now, in my view. Plus, the big game was dedicated to the memories of Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and the Victims of Hurricane Katrina. Around this time there were some advertisements on TV, eh? Those super bowl ads got the attention of every man, woman, and child in the country. Some of the ads were interesting, such as the monkeys in the commercial. Another was the Budweiser commercial where the young Clydesdale in training attempts to pull the wagon. And there was the ad fromfeaturing a man throwing a cell phone to another person. This ad is similiar of someone trying to access your cell number in real life. And last but not least,; The same commercial that WWE Diva/Milwaukee Born Candice Michelle was in. I saw the censored version on Sunday, which didn’t have much. But on Monday Night, the WWE showed the version I think should have been on during the SuperBowl. OK, OK so it was prime time in the afternoon. So what? But this version was much clearer about an elderly man ganing an interest  of approving a website for his company. And the symbolism from Candice was to "draw interest". I get it! What I didnot like about SuperBowl XL, was that fact it was on a 5 second delay. That sucks. Some people cannot get Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake out of their minds. That was a mishap. Get over it!
State of Union Address: Boring! What was George W. Bush thinking about the statement, Americans are addicted to Oil? Personally, I don’t see a gasolineoholics website in advertising about our country getting help over gas. But in this case that the cars may need hybrids to clean up the envrioment. I may want to get one soon, so I can be apart of the new generation of battery charging cars. But I didn’t hear anything that relates to more development of jobs in America, including Milwaukee.

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