Challenger Memories

Posted: January 28, 2006 in Reflections

On January 28, 1986 there were seven crew members that boarded the Space Shuttle Challenger. Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair(the only black astronaut in the group) Dick Scobee, Mike Smith, Ellison Onizuka, Judy Resnik, and Greg Jarvis were about to take another challenge into space for their country. After the boarding, the countdown began, and the shuttle was in the air. About 90 seconds later, the Shuttle exploded. I remember this well because I was 9 years old when the challenger blew up. Was it sad? It was. It was also the second time that in NASA history that this accident had occured. I remember going to school(elementary school) and my teacher asked us to bring in articles of the space shuttle explosion. I remember bringing in the front page and left the rest at home! Thinking back, after 20 years, it is like remembering our servicemen dying in the line of duty. For some who are older than me, they might compare this to a national tradegy of assasinations of Martin Luther King, JFK, Robert F. Kennedy and Malcolm X. And those now at the same age as I am, almost like 9/11. The NASA program had another accident when Columbia dissoved on the way back from space. I wondered, here we go again. I think, despite what happened in 1986,or 2003,  it must be a fact that accidents sometimes happen, and I think nowadays that we tend to prevent accidents to happen by keeping your eyes open, and recognizing their instincts. These men and women came from diverse backgrounds, but they came together for one cause and one cause only, to give America more opportunity to explore space. Kanye West had a song last year that goes, "Drive slow. You never know homey."

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