Back to School – last time?

Posted: January 25, 2006 in School Daze

Beginning January 23, I will return to classes online. I have three classes, 9 credits, 16 weeks, 4 months and 1 common goal. First, the class of College Math I – an upgrade of the Applied Algebra course that I took last semester will provide me a chance to boost my skills further. INMGT-460 Course for Stout is a capstone course that will give graduating seniors a review and thinking skills, in which I think would benefit real world situations. And Project Management. I took this course last summer, and I didn’t do well as I thought. With a second chance through MATC, this time there will be no mistakes. There will be no mishaps, nor suffering grades. I need this course in order to repair my grade from the summer of 2005, and to get more practice and precise work in order to do well in the course itself. And this time, the course is much slower than the summer’s version of last year. But overall, godwilling, I must and will pass this semester and get the ulitimate prize, a BS Degree in Industiral Management. The time for talking is over, it is now time to Bring the Heat, Bring it strong, and also, right out of the box DO WELL, and DON’T QUIT!

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