Sherman Gone, Badgers Win

Posted: January 4, 2006 in Sports

Mike Sherman has been fired. Barry Alvarez is now moving on to Athletic Director for Wisconsin. I see a pattern of two coaches going in opposite directions. First, lets talk about the Badgers. Barry’s company defeated Auburn 24-10 in an upset at the Capitol One Bowl. This was Barry’s 8th Bowl win, and it was well deserving. Now, the Badgers will be led by Bill Beliemia, who will continue to add the legacy and prosperity of Wisconsin Football. In his coaching career, I only saw Barry Alvarez twice, on a high school field trip when the Badgers faced Michigan in 1993 and Purdue in 1994. – That at the time, the Wisconsin Badgers were bound for bowl games. Barry had an ability at first to use plays to run the football more than passing. I can remember a newscaster labeled the Badgers "the worst team to play in the rose bowl." – Well if you take 3 rose bowls, I don’t think they are worst, but winable. To me, Barry will be always the coach that was committed to energize his team and prepare them for great opportunities.
Now, after a dissmal 4-12 record in the 2005/06 season, the Packers decided to tell Mike Sherman, "YOURE FIRED!" – not in a loud voice, but in a closed meeting. Ted Thompson thinks there needs to be a new face, or different direction. I’ll give the devil his due that in the 6 years that Mike Sherman has been here, he has done a decent job coaching the Packers, but in this season, the decent style was a decay style. Which coordinator, or head coach would be able to replace Sherman, and give the Pack a chance to go back and winning? I don’t care about the West-Coast Style offenses, or the Cover-2 defense, I just care about the Pack winning games. Sherman had some credit there, but I think with this recent season, it seems that the credit had gone straght south. Don’t take it personal, Mike Sherman is a good coach, but I think he was good for the time being.

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