New Years Resolutions!

Posted: January 2, 2006 in Holiday

The year is here! 2006 – A new game to play
Another year gone, and another year has begun. The year is now, 2006. And yes, it is time to ask that infamous question, "what are my new year’s resolutions". Come to think about it, sometimes new year’s resolutions don’t really come true that much. Simply because, either they work, or don’t. I can recall my past resolutions in which I wanted to get a driver’s licence and a vehicle after high school.  But that resolution took at least 10 years to get. After all that time, September, 2004 & March of 2005 were the final pieces of the puzzles that I was searching for so long. Three resolutions did inolve my sucess of gradutating from High School and College in 1995, and 2000. Plus, jobs.
Now, since this is the year of things bound to happen, it is  time to set out for the ’06.
First: I want to graduate from Stout (Either in May or August, it doesn’t matter)
Second: Have a secure, substantial, providable and efficent, job (er, Career) after college.
Third: Replenish and buy useful technology
Fourth: Use and take care of useful technology
Five: Play "defense" in concern of individuals who somewhat "attack me without physicality".
Six: Regulate some plans that are most needed.
Seven: Start and maintain a money plan for gas.
Eight: Try to pay in full all bills as possible.
Nine: Step up game plans for future endeavors.
Ten: Bring the heat!
Eleven: Go back being creative and active.
Twelve: Just chill and have fun.
Thirteen: Add or upgrade items for car.
Fourteen: Contunue to read JS, MKE, Shepherd Express, and Blog on MSN!
Fifteen: Watch progress of grades/assignments. This is a must for graduation.
Sixteen: Plan parties for Graduation, and milestone Birthday – XXX in December in ’06.
and Seventeen? I’ll just leave open.
No matter what happens this year, there will be family gatherings, changes or modifications, ups and downs, and smiles and frowns (as is every other year). The more things change, the more things remain the same.
Now, here are "some things" that I Do Not want to see nor experience in 2006:
1) No more employers getting too personal when I am looking for work.
2) Summerfest MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST, be diverse. 2005 was an embarrasment.
3) Remember "Stop the Violence, and kick it to science?" – Milwaukee should. It’ll help to curb violence. Yo, I remember this like it was 1991.
4) No more whining, or Wizzing/Moaning about young adults joining BMCR, or my talents.
5) No more crap about kids and violent video games, rappers holding guns on billboards, or female groups doing strip teases on TV.
6) No more family members asking me about "When is your education going to end?" speech, nor baby signs, nor marriage. – I Ain’t Ready Folks, NOT Happening!
7) Teach our kids some real stuff instead of a 50 Cent lyric.
8) Encourage our youth to go to college after high school without the effects of peer-pressure.
9) No more detractors telling pro wrestling to be "more sensitive". If you don’t like it, change the channel, please. Watch some religious programs if possible. – And the same goes for radio!
10) The Media outlets who are doing the coverages of the War on Terrorism, cover the good stories from our troops, not the same ol, same ol, anti-songs of CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and others.
11) If Brett Favre does retire, or comeback, I want to hear it from him, and only him!
5!, 4!, 3!, 2!, 1!…
Happy New Year!
– There are only 364 days to go.
I’ve seen the future and it will be,
I’ve seen the future and it works.
If there is life after we will see,
Don’t go out like a jerk.
  – Prince, "The Future", Batman Soundtrack, 1989

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